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Estate Planning

Many people spend a large portion of their lives, working hard, to build up their estate. Years of efforts and perseverance go into this accomplishment with the end goal of obtaining a secure financial future for the entire family. It is due to these significant achievements that planning for what lies ahead is even more important than ever.

The future is hardly ever predictable, however, having an experienced estate planning attorney on your side will certainly allow you to plan for many things that you might now have already taken into consideration.

Marchman Act

Whether you have a sibling, cousin, mother, or any other family member or a close friend struggling with substance abuse and/or addiction, the Marchman Act is CRUCIAL to take action and intervene into your loved one’s life-threatening problems. YOU are our potential client, the petitioner, and the friend or family member that desperately wants to cease any further damage caused by drugs or alcohol. With the help of JUDD BEAN LAW, we will fight to get your loved one into a detox and treatment facility.